This is STRICTLY an art blog! I draw both fanart and original work and I don't really draw NSFW stuff so it's pretty safe!
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Decided to re-design those zombie slaying lesbians again idk maybe I’ll make a comic strip for them that’ll be cool

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I have like 2 friends and I want more and so you should do it! 


Please accept this doodle from yesterday’s Steam Train episode as my weekly contribution to the Grump Fandom. Gosh I love onesie grumps. 

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Who hasn’t drawn GameGrumps Mario 3D World Fanart? Me. That’s who. UNTIL TODAY 

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So this is what happened. Yes they didn’t claim it as their own but I still see it as a problem. I’m on mobile so I can’t blur shit but I trust you guys. leslielumarie thought you should see this.

ahh here it is! I guess it’s not really a surprise that he refused to credit since the shitstain used MEMES to argue back lol. what an ape! 

thankyou so much for trying to do something about it though! it truely means a lot and it makes me sooo soo happy! :”D 

CHEF GRUMPS! doodle inspired by the amazing stuff from Super Mario 3D World Part 30

Hey a Facebook group reported you art with absolutely no credit and refuses to even when I pointed out they should. They say it doesn't matter. I thought I should inform you. Sorry. :/

ahh thanks for letting me know. Hopefully it was one of my latest pieces since I add my signature to everything now for that exact reason. 

I don’t think there would be any point in me contacting them since they sound like the type of people to pull the “well if you didn’t want people stealing it you shouldn’t post it on the internet" argument lol

But it TRUELY means a lot that you said something to them! I don’t know if anyone has ever done that for me before it makes me so happy!!! :”D 

I rewatched Markiplier’s A Machine for Pigs playthrough and I can never get over this joke from Part 5 ;u;

I changed my main blog’s URL to Sharkienums so that this stupid-ass art blog wouldn’t have to have that annoying “-art” tag at the end. Fucking enjoy, you gray apes. 


I just saw that Suzy reblogged your most recent Markiplier & Game Grumps fnaf pic! Congratulations! I absolutely love your art. ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡

Yeah I was online when she did and when I saw the notifications I freaked out haha :”D Thank you sooo much that truly means a lot to me!

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Mama Markiplier takes a defensive stance to protect his babies friends!!!

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Can you please try and make the Game Grumps X Markiplier Five Nights at Freddy's comic a thing? Maybe? I love the idea, and if you don't do it I'll attempt to do it myself and it will look like poops.


I’m actually drawing another GG X Markiplier Five Nights at Freddy’s picture right now! It’s not a comic strip just a picture but I’ll totally consider it. Sounds like a lot of fun :”D 

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The fact that my two favorite gamers (Markiplier and the Grumps) played Five Nights at Freddy’s made me so happy ;u; 

Throwback Thursday- Speedpaint!

Finished Picture: [x]

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This was definitely one of those “was that awkward eye contact or were we checking each other out” kind of moments and it felt great