This is SharkieNums' art blog! I draw both fanart and original work and I don't really draw NSFW stuff so it's pretty safe!
It truly means a lot if you could credit me when reposting my art!
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artemisthegoddessofthemoon reblogged your post I feel this 10x stronger with other Ga… and added:

I think you’re cool! *cough*cool is an understatement*cough*

haha no no thanks man youre even cooler for thinking that :”D

I feel this 10x stronger with other Game Grumps artists but as you know I am tiny and quiet and cannot talk to cool people

hi i just wanted to say that i adore your art and love seeing what you come up with, you deserve all the recognition you get from the subjects and your followers!

This is probably the sweetest message I’ve ever received and I am so incredibly thankful! Seriously! This made my entire day! <3 <3 <3

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Suzy Flippin Berhow

It wasn’t until recently that Suzy made her first appearance on SteamTrain. I, along with tons of other fans, instantly fell in love with her! She’s funny, gorgeous, incredibly sweet, and tbh she helps keep the other grumps’ attention on the game being played. Suzy does so much for the GG channel and she needs some more appreciation!  Thank you Suzy, for doing all that you do for the Grumps and for being such a huge inspiration to us!

TBH If I could choose one Grump to meet and hug, it would be Suzy. She looks like she gives really good hugs ;u;


[Arin] [Dan] [Ross] [Barry] [Suzy]


I’m really liking how it’s turning out. I will try to have it posted by tomorrow at 3:30 pm. Hope you guys are online to see it! :”D

How could you possibly say that in front of such a cute Zombie Ross?! Apologize to him! O^O


!!! yooooo thanks so much dude that honestly made my entire day! :”D

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im just excited about Ghoul Grumps because its my first year watching Ghoul Grumps when it's released in real-time. i have seen some from years before, but this year i will get to see it on the release date. Game Grumps is just so cool because they're all about the holidays.

Hey man that’s super awesome I’m glad you’re excited! Luckily for you, ghoul grumps was just created last year so you get to join in pretty early! It’s super cool how GG goes with the holidays now. It’s charming :”D

Did anyone ask for Ghoul Grump Icons? No? WELL YOU GOT THEM!

These are FREE TO USE! Use them wherever you want! However, DONT TAKE CREDIT. Seriously…dont be an ape.

Enjoy! :”D

HAH HAH! I bet you snerdburglars had forgotten that I, LeslieLu Marie, had babies of her own! I made my oldest character my new icon. His name is Luca and I created him 6 years ago. He looks old for his age… <3 <3 <3

New GG Icons!

Get Ready.

Tomorrow 3:30 pm…Ghoul Grump Icons

Hope you guys like them ;u;

Ghoul Grumps SpeedPaint! 

Subscribe for more grump speedpaints maybe? :”D 

Finished Picture: [x]

Spooky Scary Grumpy Grumps to satisfy your Halloween needs! 

This looks MUCH better in full view! [x]

Pic on Twitter: [x]

Please watch the speedpaint!I worked really hard on it!…And it has spoopy music to go along! [x]

I loved watching the Grumps stream Skyward Sword, even though they were shitting on one of my fav games ovo; This part in particular made me super happy! 

Throwback Thursday- Speedpaint!

Finished Picture: [x]

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